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Nous Records provides professional audio mastering of unmatched quality at a palatable price before packaging composers’ tracks into engaging compilations with customized and attractive album art that encapsulates the energy, style, and vibe of the tracks contained therein.  These compilations are then digitally distributed globally.  Our curation process involves thoughtful evaluation of all submissions to ensure that each individual album has a story to tell.  Each final product is a true work of art--the culmination of the talent and dedication of a group of contemporary artists, the curation process, and the mastering process.  


Artists that have larger quantities of music and may be interested in our mastering and aesthetic design services for an individual EP or album are also welcome to contact us.


For compilations, our fee is USD $30/minute of audio. 

For individual works, our fee is USD $20/minute of audio.  

There are no other fees.  Payment is due at the time of contract signing. 

Composers retain all publishing rights to their works.

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